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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Blueberry cream cheese braid

I found this recipe from the web site I visit (highly) frequently, The Fresh Loaf. The recipe was rated highly by TFL members. It's a sweet bread with blueberry and cream cheese filling...I sounds yummy, right?

My original plan was to make this bread to our picnic with my former workmates that I haven't seen for years. I had all the ingredients ready (well, I'm a super organised individaul who plans and gets ready well in advance) but we had to cancel our picnic as it had been raining continuously from the day before the picnic and the rain was carrying on until days later.

Somehow, I felt like I had an unfinished business. I had a big bag of frozen blueberry and cream cheese in my fridge. I really needed to make this bread to feel settled:) So, here go, I made the bread finally, and in the spirit of sharing, I took this bread to work and share them with couple of my workmates. The bread got a rave review. Thanks to a great recipe from The Fresh Loaf

This bread is very versatile. Both sweet and savoury fillings would work with this bread dough as the bread is just slightly slightly sweet and enriched. This bread is also visually appealing because of braiding technique used.

For detailed recipes and long long threads of discussions and ideas on varieties of this bread, you can visit Blueberry cream cheese braid page at The Fresh Loaf.

"making the sponge half an hour before making the final dough"

"making the blueberry filling with blueberry, sugar, lemon juice and corn flour"

"the finished blueberry filling. I think the filling is a tad too thick. I think we can do with half the corn flour in the recipe."

"the rolled dough, with cream cheese and blueberry filling, then braided together"

"the finished loaf. I was thinking that it will be much much uglier because of my poor braiding technique. I'm quite surprise that it turned out looking alright. Thanks to the oven spring and glossy finish"

"and...yummy breakfast!"

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