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About Me

A 30-something gal, living in Melbourne, Australia... with a family history of migration... from China to Thailand to Australia, giving me background in multiple cuisines.
Born and bred in Bangkok, Thailand and moved to Australia about a decade ago. I have never cooked/baked and had no interest in cooking/baking before I moved to Australia.
At first, cooking was a necessity… it’s a mean of survival. Well, can't afford to eat out everyday and had no Mum to cook for me:) Things have changed and I now love everything about food, the simple things in life, I love eating it, making it, creating it, talking about it and I am now blogging about it!
When it comes to baking, my two biggest passions are bread and macarons. These two things fascinate me greatly and I enjoy making them every week. I love that the flavour possibilities are endless for both breads and macarons. I can let my imagination run wild.
I love to share my experiences and show you, that you too, can make wonderful food with the right attitude, tools and knowledge. Yes, you can do it... at home!